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    I would like some help how to teach 8 year old children good use of the verbs (i.e. adding s to the present singular etc
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    Dear Teacher,
    Take a third or second grade reading level book. Look through it slowly after you have done an initial reading for story line comprehension. Find those nouns, focusing on two or three sentences at a time. Have them restate the sentence with a plural noun and try to adjust the verb agreement to maintain grammar. After they restate, they can either write it on the chalk board or onto their own paper.
    Another idea: they make up five silly sentences with a sing. noun in each one. ie: The fish dances on the beach every night. They pass the papers to a classmate and the classmate rewrites the silly sentence with a plural noun and corresponding verb. ie: The fish dance on the beach every night. Since the word does not change in the plural form, they can see the picture in their minds because the verb told them that it was more than one fish dancing. A goose rode a horse to the mall. the geese rode horses to the mall. The possibilities are enless. Then, the originator takes back their paper and selects the best sentence. They write both versions on a plain paper and illustrate it. Of course, you have to hang these in the hall for pure entertainment purposes! YeeHaa!
    Another cool activity would be for the students to take turns writing these dual sentences and then recording themselves saying the two sentences. Playing them back would help auditory learners to hear the correct usage. Have fun. maxine

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