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    For the past four years I have been a stay at home mother. My daughter will be in kindergarten next year, I planned on returning to teaching but doing relief teaching so I was flexible and could be a parent helper in her class if need be. But the other day the department of education called me and offered me a full time job, I said I am only available three days and the other two days she would be home with me. They said that was no problem and I could share the role. I went into the school and met with the Principal and Deputy, both extremely lovely, and was given a school tour. They asked if I was able to come in and volunteer in classrooms before starting to get a feel for the school, I agreed thinking it would be an hour or so here and there but before I knew it they have booked me in all day Monday to 'volunteer' around the school. This has meant I have had to arrange family to mind my daughter while I do so. It is a great position at a great school but I just feel it is all so rushed and feel so pressured, I never intended to commit to on going work until my daughter had graduated kindergarten. I just can't shake this unnerving feeling I have. Like I said I pictured myself being able to assist in my chilld's class, that would not be possible and the school is a 20 min drive from her school.

    On the flip side I have applied for a teacher aide position at my daughter's soon to be school. It is not a teacher position so the pay would be less but at least I am close to her, can pick her up on time etc. and at the end of the day can walk away from school without grading or lesson planning to be done at home and slip back into being her mother. I won't hear how my application goes for a week or so.

    I don't know what to do...the job I am currently offered was my dream job before I had my child but I am dreading just doing volunteering, I seriously feel like I am having anxiety about it.
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    It is very likely that you're projecting your anxiety about returning to the workforce/leaving your first child without a full-time mother onto this opportunity. Give this a good long think. Make a pro/con list about the position. On paper it sounds great. But it is a big change for you and I suspect that you're starting to find reasons why it wouldn't work.

    Go, volunteer, and look for the good in the situation. It may not be ideal - but once you have children, rarely is any situation ideal. Too many conflicting emotions and family needs. Consider that you might just be anxious about working again.

    Good luck!
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    I am in the aide position. It lacks the stress of prep, planning, grading, assessments, and conferencing. We have no real commute, since he can just walk to the parking lot with me.

    I found it to be a great transition step. The pay sucks, but it is just a step before going back to full teaching. I have no regrets. I taught part-time first, and found it more time consuming/stressful.

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