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    Hi everyone

    I am about to "begin" planning and writing my esay on my values on what I think of education, I want to start the essay and not really sure where to begin. I am hoping to talk about my drive and ambition and compare it to that of my brother and why he does not have the same force as me! I also want to look at it from my Husbands prospective, on his view and how they may indoctrinate specific behaviours. Not really sure if this is the best way to start, do I pick out two great thinkers to start with on why they think this and that "descartes" who rose at noon and was still a high achiever. Or do I look at it from another angle, Ive never written an essay like this and due to the complexitity of it I would appreciate some input from all you experts out there. I think what I am trying to say is that, i need to delve into the background of my life and why I went in one path, Im a middle child, apparantly they are more driven ( have yet to find any links or references to this yet)

    so any input or an idea on how to "begin" would be appreciated.



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