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    Kids Academy is one of the top developers of educational apps for children. With over 30 million downloads and the average rating of 4.7 stars Kids Academy apps for iOS and Android are loved by parents and teachers worldwide.

    We’re looking for US-based PK-3 teachers to use Kids Academy apps in their classroom and provide feedback. The whole project will last over the course of two weeks and will take up around 7-10 hours of your time total.

    3+ years of classroom experience in PreK-3 is a plus.

    To participate in this project you and your students need to have access to iPads, Android tablets or Chromebooks.

    In this role, you will:

    1) Follow our step-by-step guide to successfully set up and use Kids Academy in your classroom. (est. time 2-3 hours)
    2) Use the apps in class with your students for 15-20 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week over the course of 2 weeks. (est. time 3 hours)
    3) Complete our survey and provide feedback. (est, time 1-1,5 hours)
    4) Give us your candid feedback on Kids Academy app and LMS. (est. 0.5-1 hour)

    Total time = 7-10+ hours

    The payment is fixed per project and will depend on your qualifications, how many classes/students you teach, how much time you’re willing to dedicate to this (e.g. if you’re willing to use the apps more in class).

    When bidding for this project please provide the following info:

    1 How many years of classroom experience do you have?
    1 What is your school name?
    2 What school district are you in?
    3 How many students do you have in PK-3?
    4 How many teachers do you have in PK-3?
    5 What subjects do you teach and what grades?
    6 How many students do you plan to have in the project and which grades?
    7 What devices do you use in your classroom and roughly how many?
    8 What software tools do you use in your classroom setting?
    9 Do you have Clever?
    10 What SIS do you use?

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