Urgent prayer request (4 year old Faith G.)

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    I have been praying daily for little Faith and she is on several prayer lists in Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Thousands of people are praying for her and I know God will show His grace very soon. Everyone at my office has been praying and passed it on to people in their churches. There is an echo bouncing off God's door and I know He can hear and feel our prayers for little Faith. There are troops of angels watching over her and her family. I have woken up thinking about her and gone to bed thinking of her. I know many others have as well.

    Today, the doctor's announced that she has one day left to live. She has fought a very long fight and only God can heal her body at this point. Please pray this prayer:

    Heavenly Father, please watch over little Faith, Kelly and Chan and fill their hearts with your love and strength. Lord, let them feel your healing touch from the heavens and let your light shine down and protect and nurture Faith. Allow Faith to grow into the woman you have destined her to be. Allow her the opportunity to share You with the world and be a witness and testament to your almighty power and mercy. Let her grow up healthy and eager to spread your love to everyone she encounters. Heal her Lord. We lift her up to you as a living sacrifice. Please give her back to us whole and healed so that we may witness a miracle only You can perform. Please Lord, allow her a chance to tell the world of your Blessings. Keep her safe and fill her with your strength and spirit. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

    I have reposted a few of the prayers for you to see and for those of you I have included on this email, please keep praying for little Faith!

    For those of you who have not yet heard about Faith, please say a prayer for her and her family. Help her with your prayers and encouragement. And if you attend church regularly, please put her on your prayer lists. Your prayers will make all the difference in this little girl's life. Pray for Faith. (A few older emails are below telling a bit of her story).


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    A little about Faith:

    Hi everyone, I have an urgent prayer request. Faith is a little girl in my dad's church who has been through so much in her short life. she is only a few years old and at literally 2 days old had to undergo heart and lung surgery. she regained her health and grew to be a smiley, happy loving little girl. However, the surgery she had as a baby was only meant to be temporary and she has been in Children's Hospital in Philly for the past few months as she again has been in serious health. Most recently she has come down with RSV and with her already weakened heart and lungs, this is VERY serious. They do not know if she will make it. The doctors are doing everything they can but the family and little faith need all the prayers and support they can got. Below is the most recent email from her mother Kelly. Please take a few moments to pray for this little girl. Whenever I would see her at church she was always the happiest little girl, laughing and playing. I can't imagine not seeing her smile anymore. We all know God is bigger than any of this and can perform miracles. Please pray and ask for one. thanks guys!

    Faith Update 4-26-07

    We ask for your fervent prayers, words are difficult now. Faith is not doing well, her blood pressure is very low, the danger is not enough blood is getting to the vital organs. They are giving her lots of fluid to keep up her blood pressure to profuse her organs. They also increased her sedation to try to keep her comfortable.

    The doctors are giving Faith a short time to live. We ask for prayer that God will keep our little angel comfortable. We don't understand why Faith has to go through this at 4 years old. We love our daughter so much and know that she is in God's hand.

    Thank you for your prayers during this very difficult time.

    Chan & Kelly

    Faith Update 4-24-07

    Our little fighter is not giving up, she is about the same today. Her blood pressure is a little unstable so they have begun to give her eppi to help which needs to be monitored closely with blood pressures from the art line which was not working since Sunday. They put a new one in early Sunday morning and it didn't read either, so today the head cardiologist came and tried another site and finally got it. So they left the other one in also to draw blood from it and are using the new one only for blood pressures. They have to give her a paralizing drug when they do this which means going up on vent settings and other things never look as good as they could for awhile.

    Her kidneys are still working better than expected in light of the 4 very strong antibiotics she is on. An area of major concern is three places on her skin which are really broken down. One is on the right side and is about the size of 2 quarters, a smaller one on her ankle and another black very small spot on her left side. They biopsied them today to check if the fungus or pseudomonius bacteria is growing there too. I'm not sure what the course of action will be if they are positive.

    Her blood gases are ok today, the vent settings are up fairly high again, and her bottom is looking much better, thank goodness she hasn't gotten diarehea from the antibiotics. Her white blood cell count is in the high 20's, but when she was really sick it was 45 so it looks ok to us.

    The surgeon, who is very involved with her care on the floor also, told us not to give up hope, that she can still recovery from this. They are keeping her more sedated so she doesn't open her eyes, but when they turn her or do other things she doesn't like, she can really kick her legs and swing both arms around. She even knocked the vent lose and hit herself in the face with her hand which is on a board so we have to help her calm down when that happens.

    Specific prayer requests would be for the fungus to respond to the antibiotics, her blood pressure would become more stable and that her skin sores would be able to heal up. Also that she is comfortable - we just don't want her lying there and being uncomfortable and not being able to tell us. When she is left alone, she is very still so I hope that means she is not in pain.

    Kelly and I are doing ok and Alisha is feeling much better, we will get another urine culture done on Friday.

    Love and Prayers to all
    Grandma H


    Faith is in critical condition, she is in ICU and had to be put on a
    She has RSV viral infection, because of weakened immune system, her
    body is not able to throw off this infection. Her heart is okay, instead
    her lungs are badly infected. The doctors say they are doing
    everything they
    know to do to save Faith.

    But GOD is still in charge, and He is not limited like we are.
    Ask GOD: for a Supernatural Miracle of Healing.
    ask GOD: to be especially close to Chan n Kelly, an their families

    Anna May Early

    A message from Faith's Parents:

    From: chankelly@comcast.net
    Date: April 3, 2007 12:13:03 AM EDT
    To: undisclosed-recipients:;
    Subject: Faith Update 4-2-07

    Hello everyone,
    Wewanted to give you an update and ask that prayers go up over the next few days. Faith is fighting forher life right now.She is still on the ventilator. The longer she stays on the vent with positive pressure going into her lungs, the worse it is for her Fontaine (surgery shehad on Feb 22)and blood flow. Since it is the beginning of the month, a new set of doctors started today. When I went over to see her this afternoon, I was shocked by how big her belly area has become. I was feeling it and it felt very hard and I even felta very hard bulge.
    I had a long talk with the doctors today about some things. The next few days are very crucial. They said her belly is swelled up because her liver is acting like a sponge and collecting all the extra fluid. You can actually feel her liver. Her liver enzymes are up a little on her labs, but the doctors are hoping that this liver "damage" is reversible. A liver is an organ that can regenerate itself and if they can relieve some of the high pressure in her lungs then hopefully some of her swelling on her face and organs will go down. She is continuing to pee better today since they started the laxis drip; however, her kidney numbers are slightly elevated as well. This just shows that some of her vital organs are not getting the amount of blood flow that they should because of her lung disease (RSV) blood is not flowing through her lungs like it should. If over the next few days, they can turn down the vent significantly so that she is doing most of the breathing on her own, then hopefully the swelling will go down. The doctor told me that sometimes lung disease takes weeks to heal, which many of the doctors have told us. However, she said that if we can get the vent down then we can be patient and take as long as Faith needs to have her lungs heal. However, if she doesn't allow them to turn down the vent over the next few days, fluid will continue to build up and we will get in trouble. Your organs need to get a certain amount of blood flow to survive. PRAY THAT OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS SHE CAN TOLERATE LOW VENT SETTINGS. Thecardiologist told me that if Faith will allow them to turn down the vent then they can be very patient with her lung disease and canstay on the vent for two to three weeks. If the vent is doing little of the work, then fluid will come down.
    Another area of concern is her bottom is breaking down. It is so sore and causing her a lot of pain. To help with this discomfort, they turned off her verset drip, which is more for sedation and turned on a Fentadyl drip which is sedatation and pain control. They are hoping that will help with the discomfort of her bottom. Her bottom is bright red and just pure raw. She doesn't have control of her bowel movements because there are so many tears there. It just runs out constantly. They are leaving it open and blowing oxygen on it at times. They are going to get a new bed for her tomorrow which is a pressure bed, which will hopefully take some of the pressure offof her bottom. She is also getting some pressure sores on her head, whichthe new bed is suppose to help also.Grandma Gand I think it will be quite a task to move her to another bed.
    Her nurse was running around today like crazy. Some of the little details like turning her on her side, giving chest PT therapy and changing her diaper just didn't get done as often as it should because he just was too busy with all the other important tasks like making sure she's getting her medicine on time and everything. Tonight,Grandma said there is two nurses that have her so hopefully some things will get done. I am planning on talking to the charge nurse about some of this because even the little things like changing a diaper and giving chest therapy are critical to her getting better.
    I was with Faith today and Woody, a man who comes around to the hospital and plays guitar for thekids came to her room to play for her. He stood in her doorway and she had been quiet and not moving much all day. As soon as he started to play, her handlifted up and down. I said are you wavingto Woody and she moved herhand again. It was great tosee this. It gave me confirmation again that she can hear in the state that she is in now, she has been able to open her eyes at all for a number of days now.She can hearbooks we read to her and the songs we sing.
    We will keep you updated.Thank you so such for your fervent prayers.
    Kelly, for the four of us


    From: chankelly@comcast.net
    Date: April 9, 2007 12:32:29 AM EDT
    To: undisclosed-recipients:;
    Subject: Faith Update 4-8-07

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had the best Easter gift possible in that our daughter Faith, is still with us. She continues to improve with little small baby steps, but they are in the right direction. It seems like I have said this before, but it is true! Our big prayer is that she catches no more little bugs because anything can set her back. She continues to pee pretty good. They turned her Lasix drip, which is a medicine that helps you to pee, down a little today. Her pee slowed down a little bit towards evening so if it slacks off too much during the night, they might just go back up on her Lasix. Towards the end of the day, her pee started to be blood tinged and sometimes is more blood tinged than other times. They sent away a urine anylasis and everything came back normal. They think that the blood is coming from local irritation around the sight where the cather is. They don't want to take i t out because they need to watch her in's and out's pretty good and it would sting her bottom when she went because her bottom is still really red and raw. Another big prayer request is that the blood is not coming from somewhere or organ inside her body and that her bottom continues to heal up! I am hoping it is a lot better before she comes around too much because it would be too painful! Her kidney numbers continue to go down. For those of you who are nurses, her one kidney number which if it gets above about 2.0 they are worried about kidney failure went from 1.1 to 1.2 yesterday morning. When I called over this morning, they said it had gone down to .7 and now tonight's lab had it down to .6 so we are going in the right direction.

    Kelly & Chan
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    Prayers for this girl to be comfortable & for the family to be strong!!! This just breaks my heart.
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    Thank you for praying for little Faith. Unfortunately she passed away this past Sunday at 4:45pm. Please keep her family in your prayers. The viewing/funeral will be this Friday and Saturday.
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    She is finally "healed"!!! So sorry to hear this!!! I'll be praying fo all of you this weekend & the days ahead!!!

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