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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by Jax123, Dec 16, 2017.

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    I know I shouldn't complain because I have a teaching job but I am very unhappy with my new job. I left my last school district because I thought the grass would be greener in a slightly better ranking district. I am a special ed teacher, always was. It's not the students (I think they are amazing) but the regular ed teachers (most of them....not all) are horrible. They think every kid with a label should be a special ed student. They also think all special ed kids should be in a special ed room all day. They refuse to do the extra step with the kids, even when the kid is only in their room for less than 60 mins a day. Some paras have said that the teachers will stop helping certain regular ed. kids so they fall behind and get identified as a special ed kid. I hear the teachers talk bad about me so I feel like I am in middle school.

    Some things were done illegally last year (from what the paras and some teachers tell me)...such as throwing unidentified kids in the special ed room and sending special ed kids down when they wanted too (beyond the time listed in iep). I talked to the principal about it and the school psychologist. The principal is super sweet but I think she is just not well informed about the special ed process. The school psychologist admitted wrongdoings and is in the process of fixing things (on a 2 year plan---I don't think I can last two more years here), such as the paperwork. The psychologist also admitted how horrible the regular ed teachers are towards special ed kids and that's why the previous special ed teacher left. The director of special ed came back from leave and I talked to her about a few things (not all---I didn't want to come off as insane). She has made some changes with some students who shouldn't be in my room.

    It's been so bad lately that I think about leaving teaching in general ( I try to remind myself why I want to teach). I regret leaving my last teaching job because the regular ed teachers were great and loved working with ALL students. I've been researching schools and came across a public charter school. I've heard nothing but good things about it and they are expanding within the next two years (most likely in 2019). I'm totally interested in the school. A possibility of this change gives me great hope. They are not hiring but I really want to contact them about future job opportunities (I would probably would even consider taking a teaching assistant job there). I've never emailed schools about jobs before....around where I live they prefer people to apply when there are actual openings. Has anyone ever emailed schools that were not hiring and get a job there? What did you put in the email? Not only do I want to apply for future jobs, I want to learn more about the school. Would they think bad about me that I want a new teaching job after a year at this current job? Ugh....I really want to give teaching another year...somewhere else before a make a career change. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    A 'regular ed' kid shouldn't be getting classified unless there is a learning disability. Lack of teaching isn't a classifiable status.
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    You have to kill people like this with kindness. Even when it’s impossible.

    Keep your head up, many of us know your pain.

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