Unemployment in CA and I am a On-Call Special Education Aide

Discussion in 'Paraprofessionals' started by spitfire, Jun 4, 2020.

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    I need some advice please in regards to Unemployment in CA and I am a On-Call Special Education Aide.
    I applied for EDD because I am not working, due to the the Corona Virus. My last day worked was 3/13/20 and now the classrooms have been closed. I am not even working remotely, and will not be working during the summer break.
    I did apply for unemployment but because I work in the schools and received my Reasonable Assurance To Return To Work letters, I thought I was inedible for unemployment, and when I received my notice from EDD it stated that I was on a Temporary Layoff and I did not have any unemployment benefits leftover from a previous claim. Then I received a notice from EDD that I was receiving a small claim and now I am receiving Pandemic payments.
    I did email CA EDD regarding this question but have not received a response as of yet. I am concerned about not using the money and I think I should send it back.
    I really need some clarification please.
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    Getting a reply from EDD these days looks really tough. I still haven't received a reply from a question I sent over two months ago. And I am almost afraid of giving advice as you are spending that money. But I did see that there is a 13 week benefit extension for those that have exhausted their standard benefits. Perhaps that is why you are getting something?
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    The thread has been moved to a somewhat more appropriate forum (the original forum is supposed to be for questions ABOUT A to Z and how it works). No, no one's in trouble. And the thread should still be reasonably findable, since veterans of A to Z tend to check for new stuff not by going to forums but by using one of the Recent Posts links at the top of the page.

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