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    I am a UK qualified teacher (3 year degree in sports science 1 year training on the job/ schools direct) I have been qualified for about 3 years and have completed my probationary year etc in a UK school. I am marrying a US citizen and planning on immigrating to the US over the next year. I was wondering if there has been anyone else in this situation that could offer some advice/shed some light on what steps i would need to take to get qualified and work as a teacher over in the states. Any advice would be greatly appreciated im moving to the state of Massachusetts.
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    The first thing is that, while there is a Cabinet-level Department of Education, education falls under the category of powers reserved to each of the states. Try searching for "massachusetts teacher licensure out of country"; this should bring up one or more webpages whose URLs include ".gov", and there's where you want to start. If you find a page that discusses evaluating your university transcript, you're in the right place.

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