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    One is for an employment specialist for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. I would have some clients who have other co-existing disabilities and some clients occasionally who aren't deaf/hoh (to fill in my case load). Some clients will need me to find employment partners for the clients and help them modify the job to include the client. Other clients will need some support with training and modification but can help find their own job. Other clients will just need help with normal job counseling stuff such as resume writing, etc. I would have more opportunity to network in the community, sign more often, and still use special education think outside the box and modifying skills. The hours are longer and varied. The pay is okay though not as great as my teaching job.

    The second job is for an agency that supports families that have children with Autism. It looks like intervention services, support at home and in the community, teaching skills, therapeutic approach, training families, etc. I don't know what the job is for exactly or the pay because I basically just sent a resume, application, and cover letter to the agency in spite of having no openings listed on their website. It is part-time which means less stress and more time with the family but I don't know what kind of hours yet. I also don't know the pay. Obviously it will be less pay overall because of less hours. This would not be involved in the deaf community, though I might use some sign skills. It would likely involve more school-like teaching or at least ECI type teaching.

    Which would appeal to you and how would you prepare? What do you know about either of these?

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