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Discussion in 'General Education' started by abcd, Mar 5, 2018.

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    What happens after two bad evaluations? A third bad evaluation? Then a bad domain 4? bad summative evaluation? What if the union doesn't bother to dismiss bad evaluations? Then does the teacher get a non renewal or a PIP for the next year without increment in pay as a non tenured teacher.
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    I would check your contract or contact your union, as that often differs for each district.
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    Ask your P for some advice on how to improve your skills. My first year I had two bad evals due to classroom management problems, but I figured it out.

    What helped me was watching the P teach a brief lesson and read a story to my kids. Later I received district, state and national teaching honors. Two bad evals does not mean the end.

    However if it turns out you are unable to develop the skills you need to be an effective teacher, you should do something else with your life. There's no shame not to be a great singer or artist. There's no shame if you aren't cut out to teach. It's a really hard job that requires an amazing skill set to be successful.
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