Trouble with siblings at school

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by ZoeMarie, May 4, 2017.

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    I teach an integrated preschool and I am a first year teacher. I have a student, we'll call him Jake, who had major behavior problems at the beginning of the year. He would hit me, hide under tables, scream at me, throw things ect. He still has his moments but he has made so much progress. I don't even use a behavior chart with him anymore. When his brother, we'll call him Chris, turns 3 this May he will be in our class. The problem is, Jake won't talk about his brother. He shuts down if we try to talk about him. When he saw his brother and parents (that he knew would be there) at a Halloween parade he laid on the ground and would not get up. I had to carry him in the building and he would not go back out. I'm worried that he will lose his progress and return to his old behaviors. This not only effects him but all of the other students in my class who get worried and upset when Jake would hit, scream, hide, ect. I've tried to change his brother's class placement but have been basically ignored. My room is smaller and younger than the other preschool classroom so they want him in my room. I want to make a social story for Jake to prepare him for his brother to join us. Are there any other strategies or advice that could help this situation? Thank you!

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