Trouble describing my current TA job on my updated teacher resume

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by MissD59, Jan 13, 2013.

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    I promise that did a search on the boards, but haven’t really found much pertaining to my question :)

    I’m gearing up for the upcoming hiring season (can’t hurt, right?) and I’m struggling with how exactly to phrase my current Teacher Assistant position on my resume. I am a certified teacher, but the job market is pretty rough where I am, so I decided to look for TA jobs while I finish up my literacy certification this year in the evenings.

    I’m having difficulty regarding the actual nature of my job. I was hired to be a 1:1 for a second grade student with PDD-NOS; he is academically very bright, but has some difficulties socially and emotionally. The district doesn’t want me on top of him in the classroom all the time. There is also a selective mute in the room who doesn’t need a 1:1, but his IEP specifies that he must be in a classroom with a TA.

    In addition, although this isn’t an inclusion room, we have a few other students with IEPs in the classroom. Although I implement my student’s behavior plan all day(I created an entire binder with all the materials, and I themed them to his favorite video game character/game), I am sometimes with other students more than I’m with the child who I am a 1:1 for. I work with students who are struggling with any particular concept, I typically pull small groups during math for more individualized instruction, and now the Principal suggested that I start taking my own notes during Readers Workshop (we do Teacher’s College).

    When the classroom teacher isn’t in, or has professional development, the school typically uses me as a sub. They also pull me to substitute in other rooms in the building as well. (Sometimes they provide a TA sub for me, sometimes they don’t.)

    I was also informed this week that they want me to go outside 3 times a week with a 4th grade student who has Autism during recess. 4th grade has a different lunch than us, so I leave the class for 25 minutes 3 days a week to work with this student.

    Basically, while I was hired to be a 1:1 TA, and that is my official job title, as you can see I wear many hats. Any suggestions on how to organize this on a resume? Also, would you put the specific disability of the student you were working with in the description? I’m pretty stumped on this one, so any help would be appreciated. Perhaps I'm being a bit anal about this, but I was going to put 1:1 in the heading, but then I feel weird throwing that I sub as well in the bullet points, etc. It seems to just not fit with the job description and responsibilities of a 1:1 Am I over thinking this? lol
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    I would not get specific about the disabilities of your students because that narrows the type of students employers know you can handle. As for writing your resume, start with the 1:1 work you do and then add another bullet point for each other task you handle on a regular basis. Bullet pointing may be your best way to organize your thoughts on describing your work. Don't forget to add that you cover other tasks as required by the lead classroom teacher.
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    I agree with not specify the disabilities, and use bullet points to organize your job descriptions. Mine goes something like this:

     Assist special needs students, following IEPs, in core subjects, concentrating in math and science
     Support classroom teacher in assisting all students
     ELA Tutorials
     Chemistry Tutorials
     Led special education math class
     Led small groups in special education math (different situation, of course)
     Long term substitute for a Spanish 2 class
     Substitute regularly in other classrooms when necessary

    For you, I would specify that you work one-on-one and in small groups, not going into detail the reasons why you're working with some of the students.

    Is there anything you could list that you've been specifically chosen for, like tutorials, or leading a workshop? Those would be helpful, too.

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