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    I am moving to a private school this year. In talking to the "team" there is currently no beginning of the year reading assessment to find out where the kids are for comprehension. In the past I've always had this, and used this same assessment for beg, mid, and end of the year to show growth.
    The school uses the Treasures textbook (similar in format to Journeys), but they do not have an online component, where I assume are the assessments? They have the unit assessment book, which does not include a comprehensive test.

    I've tried to search online but cannot find one. I was asked to, if possible, find assessments we could use for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. I will be teaching 2nd this year.

    I've tried doing a search for a comprehensive test but didn't turn up anything.
    Any ideas on how I can get my hands on these? The school is purchasing a new series for next year, but I would still like something to use for this year. What ever I can get my hands on, I'm going to match it to our standards and add questions if I need to. Just need a good base!

    I went to a teacher store to look in workbooks but all the books I found that had assessments were skill specific, and I'm looking for an overall.

    Anyone here have the Treasures assessments, or anything else they know I could use for these grades? Specifically looking for just comprehension.


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