Trayvon & The Hoodie Protests

Discussion in 'General Education' started by EdEd, Mar 23, 2012.

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    LOL! The truly humorous part is that TeachOn was supposedly responding to my post (since it was the one quoted), but got so caught up in her newest attempt to impress the masses with her voluminous vocabulary that she apparently forgot who she was addressing. :lol:

    TeachOn - Political discussions and discussions about political issues can be two different things. The type of discussion that is not permitted usually focuses on a specific candidate and/or party. Since opinions are strong (and strongly divided) on those, the mods usually prefer members avoid such discussions. However, they have been known to allow such discussions, as long as the discourse remains civil. The same holds true for discussions of religion for the same reasons. It is a potential powderkeg, so such discussions are usually frowned upon, but there have been times when discussions were allowed as long as they did not devolve into name-calling, sniping or outright insults.

    In any case, it is up to the mods determine if any topic or discussion is "allowed" or not. If you don't approve of a particular topic, you can always avoid it. That's what most of us do.
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    Oh darn, we were just starting to have fun and make funnies
    and they were, deleted?

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