Transitioning Music for High School

Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by thatgirlyouknow, Aug 26, 2013.

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    So I use music a lot to regulate the noise level in my classroom. It works really well AND we all get to listen to good music!

    I'd like to start using music to transition as well, though. For example, when my students come in, they have until the end of a song (this one would be somewhat of a long song) to finish the bellringer.

    Another song I'd need would be for group cleanup and garbage spot-check. We cut/color/paste a lot in my class and I always have to remind them to do a spot check for trash and clean their area, but it'd be great if I had a specific song that, when they heard it, they'd know "Hey! I need to have my group clean and my supplies put away by the end of this song!"

    The songs need to be easily recognizable, and the bellringer song needs to be longer than 5 minutes! (The bellringer will be a tough one!) I'd love for the clean up song to be about picking up, picking up the pieces, cleaning the slate.... something with those kinds of words. Help! :)

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