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    Feel free to use:

    5th Grade Math Lesson Plan

    Symmetry and Transformations

    Materials: construction paper, paint, paintbrushes, stampers, stamp pads, foam figures

    Students will understand that reflection means a mirror image across a line of symmetry.
    Students will produce artwork which demonstrates symmetry.
    Students will understand that a turn means a rotation around a fixed point.
    Students will demonstrate understanding of the concepts of ¼, ½, and ¾ rotations.
    Students will produce artwork which demonstrates ¼, ½, and ¾ rotations.


    Demonstrate folding of paper and discuss using the fold as a line of symmetry. Through the use of questions, encourage students to describe mirror-images and reflections.

    Distribute paper and instruct students to fold their paper horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

    Distribute paints and brushes and instruct students to create designs on one side of the fold, then to fold the paper and exert pressure.

    Students will choose up to four paint colors and create symmetry designs.


    Demonstrate the concept of rotation by moving foam figures around a pivot point. Plane figures may also be rotated on the white board.

    Distribute plain paper, stampers, paint, and/or stamp pads.
    Instruct students to choose an initial point for their stamped design. Demonstrate the movement of stampers to indicate the appropriate turns.

    Students will create stamped rotated designs.
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    We're just now integrating CCS and parts of this would be amazing for my 3rd graders.

    Thank you for sharing your talents!

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