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    Nov 12, 2002

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make transfer students feel at ease in your classroom. How to make them feel comfortable and at home in their new classroom.

    Thanks Paige

    if you have some ideas please email me at
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    May 31, 2002
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    Nov 12, 2002

    I don't know what grade you have but I have KG and here are some things I might do.

    Make a book with all the children having one page. Include a picture of that child and any information that child wants to share.

    Make a bag or pencil box for the child with special pens, pencils, erasers, etc. and have the class present it to the new child.

    If the new child is confortable enough to do so, have them ask the other students questions about their class and/or have students ask the new student questions.

    Find some books in the library about moving to a new school or starting school and read them with the class.:p
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    Nov 13, 2002

    thanks a bunch

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