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    I have a request for all of you who have a Teachers Pay Teachers account, and I hope nobody will take offense at what I am going to say here. I have a TpT account, too. I love the concept of it.

    I manage the Pinterest boards for several educational businesses. They all have interactive boards, which means if someone else has a pin that fits the category, he/she is more than welcome to pin it on our boards. My clients created their Pinterest accounts with tons of sharing among creative teachers in mind.

    HOWEVER, none of the boards I manage will permit any kind of for-profit pin, or any pin that links to any kind of for-profit website. All of these boards are really having a time with well-meaning teachers who want to post their TpT things on our boards. Every night, I have to go through ALL of these boards and delete everything that's for-profit. I send a message to each person who posts a TpT pin on our boards, but teachers continue to pin for-profit pins on our boards. Four different Pinterest boards, each with thirty or forty boards, to manage, and ALL of them have this same problem.

    If any of you want to pin on a Pinterest board that belongs to someone else, please be aware that we welcome you with open arms. We are delighted to have you share your absolutely free ideas and information and projects on our boards. But please, please, please, always read the rules at the top of each board. Many Pinterest boards love interaction and participation and I love those boards best. But when my clients specifically state no for-profit pins of any kind, I must do my job and delete each TpT pin.

    Please, dedicated teachers who have wonderful ideas and want to share them, read the rules on the boards you have joined. Some of the deleted pins were for awesome things, but they were for-profit.

    Thanks, teachers, and I'm sorry to have to post this message. But, please, read the rules above each board before you try to earn money from someone else's Pinterest account.

    Two of my clients sort of gave up, and created a board that welcomes TpT pins, but ONLY THAT ONE BOARD. And teachers continue to pin their for-profits on all of the boards they want. Sigh.

    Thanks. You're all great.

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