To Para or Not to Para?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Fleurdelis, Apr 5, 2021.

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    Hello Forum,

    You always have great insight, so opinions please. I had suspected my lack of years teaching in a school system were a problem with our local system and seemed to have that confirmed when I was offered a job by a school system which turned out to be too far away. (86 miles with bridge and tunnel traffic.) Head of HR was really nice and explained he could only count my 1 full time year of teaching in a high school as credit. (Even though I adjuncted in colleges over the years and taught and ran theatre programs for a professional company for 10+ years.)

    I'm a fully licensed teacher (Theatre/English). MA and an MFA in Theatre. I've taught a college course for 2/12 year to students getting their MATs. I've taught the people getting hired right out of school.

    So, would it behoove me to become a licensed para and do that to get to know people and get school system credit. Or would it make them look at me as simply a para, and never give me the opportunity to be a teacher again.


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