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    Continue to research the foolishness of standardized testing. Gatto isn't he only person who has exposed it but he's a good starting reference.

    (This is an excerpt from an interview with Gatto)

    That’s a long time to be in a profession that you say is detrimental to young people. What did you hate so much about the school system?

    “The schooling system in the United States is intensely boring. No one wants it to be this way, but it’s built into the structure of the business. Students and teachers, superintendents and principles—they’re trapped inside this structure that’s subject driven, while nothing in life is subject driven. I absolutely hated and couldn’t believe this system where every 43 minutes a little bell rings and that’s that. No questions asked. Students had to stop the learning they finally were getting, so that they could move onto the next thing. It’s ridiculous.”

    How did it become this way?

    “It’s because school isn’t about intellectual development. It’s about obedience. Now I can say with full certainty that the idea of teaching as it is in the United States is appalling to me.”

    What are other failures of the school system?

    “Standardized testing. They lead to no real information about the student, and actually give them a false ranking. It says people are better or worse than others. Seriously, have you ever gone to a job interview and asked the person interviewing you, “What did you get on your standardized test?” They’d be floored. Parents don’t go up to the teachers who hand out these stupid things and ask what they got on their tests either, because they don’t matter.”

    So why do standardized tests exist?

    “They measure memory. If you want to learn how to load a gun blindfolded the best thing is schooling because it’s all about memorization and obeying. Obey. Obey. Obey. It’s drilled into their heads.”

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