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    Hi. I have an upcoming interview and need to do a 20 minute mini lesson for first graders and need help. It can be on anything. I would love to hear some ideas because I really want to do a great job.
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    mini lesson

    Tooth parts or care of teeth
    Color wheel and mixing of colors
    Egg parts- hard boiled and cut open
    Animals of Habitats- farm, forest- where does the animal live
    tree parts
    I can offer tons of suggestions on mini lessons but remember you may speak faster when nervous and you must practice, or make a sample of the product you want the students to do so you can see if there are any snags in your lesson. Present the history or facts of the lesson. Maybe you make a FELT tree and have labels of the parts. Branches, root, trunk, apples/fruit etc... Then have a paper for the children to cut out and label their own trees.... Good luck

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