Three Step Interview Process on Wednesday!

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by MullerMusings, Apr 7, 2015.

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    I just graduated in December with my BS in Elementary Education and endorsement of ECE. I've been on 2 interviews (one I didn't get and the second was for an eligible candidate pool for future positions). Saturday morning, I got a call from an elementary principal looking to schedule an interview for Wednesday. There are 3 elementary openings and 5 people to be interviewed. :thumb:

    I'm super nervous though!!

    I meet with the superintendent for the first 20 minutes or so, then I'm scheduled to meet with their director of curriculum & instruction for 40 minutes. Lastly I'm meeting with the principal that called me (and possibly the principal of the other school that has positions open). That's supposed to last an hour or so.

    I've never had 3 interviews on the same day...much less interviewed with the superintendent first!! :eek:

    The last two days I've poured myself into researching every interview question I could be asked and making sure I have a coherent answer (intelligent is preferred but I know I'm going to be nervous). My experiences are different that a lot of other people, I'm learning, because I'm older. I've raised my children (I'm 36--kids are 16 & 11) and been on the parent side of the table during conferences. I student taught for a full year (required for an ECE endorsement)..first in 2nd grade and then in kindergarten. My 2nd grade classroom was piloting 1:1 iPads and I spent 80% of the day integrating them into my curriculum. This was HUGE and I had to learn everything outside of teaching it's hard for me not to reference this a lot during interviews because it was such a unique experience. Now I'm rambling though, sorry.

    Any support, suggestions, preparations or thoughts you have on how I can present my best self to the interviewers is much appreciated. The openings are for my IDEAL grade level and while I am nervous, I am also very excited. Thank you!
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    Apr 7, 2015

    That sounds like a great opportunity, and it sounds like you are really prepared! :)

    In addition to what you've already mentioned, I would say do as much research as you can on the school and district you're interviewing with. What is their focus? What are they proud of? What is their mission statement? What are they looking to improve? Then, work out how you are aligned with these things. You want to present yourself not just as an excellent teacher, but as an excellent teacher FOR THIS SCHOOL and this district. You want to show that you are a perfect fit for THEM.

    The tech experience you have is awesome! Does this school have tech, or are they looking to expand the tech they use? If not, then really emphasize how you are very flexible and able to adapt in new situations - like you did in your student teaching! Actually, you could emphasize that quality whether or not they have tech. :)

    Bring yourself into your interview - give lots of personal examples and insights when responding to their questions. Let YOU shine through! You want to make sure this is a perfect fit for them and for you.

    Best of luck to you - I'm sure you will do well, because it sounds like you are very prepared!!

    Keep us updated!

    Out of curiosity - what is the grade level? :)

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