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    Oct 17, 2010

    I'm very interested in the Montessori method. I'm currently a student majoring in Pre-k through 6 ESL generalist and working part time at a preschool. When I graduate, however I'd like to teach at a Montessori preschool working with 3-6. How can I get certified? Are there any Montessori schools that will help with the cost of the materials? If not, are there other financial options when it comes to getting certified?
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    The American Montessori Society does have some scholarship money available, as do most colleges. I don't know about training programs in Texas, but in order to teach in a Montessori classroom you need to be Montessori certified. In some areas where teachers are scarce, they'll pay you as the teacher and pay for your training in exchange for working for them for a certain number of years.

    Then again, there are some training programs that are just certification programs and you can go through it already having a bachelors degree.

    I would look up American Montessori Society and look for training programs on their website. You'll want to make sure you go to a certified training program.

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