They are checking my references:)

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by anewstart101, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. anewstart101

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    Jun 24, 2013

    Oh my gosh:eek: I had an interview last week. The drive is 40 miles one way from my house 80 miles round trip. . .eek

    I thought I bombed it. . .:eek: They are checking my references.

    While a long drive it is against traffic. . .

    the school I am currently at is a 150 miles daily round trip commute.

    80 round trip would be a walk in the park but I am nervous.

    If offered I will take it. . . .

    but I love my current job I just won't move and the 150 miles commute is killing me. . .will 80 make a huge difference???

    I got an awesome boss. . .but sometimes you have to do what is best for your family. . .

    My options;

    stay at current (not in the best interest of my family)

    take b if offered

    resign from current and keep looking for anything closer to home. . .

    I have an interview tomorrow but its just for an eligibility pool the jobs are within 20 miles from my house.

    PS I need to sign my contract by Friday if I plan to come back. Current school knows why I am looking purely personnel reasons they have given me full permission to get out of my contract if I find something closer. They know the decision is more about the best interest of my son.

    Did I say I love my district. . .so this is all bittersweet.
  3. AdamnJakesMommy

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    Jun 24, 2013

    The school I currently work at is 140 miles round trip each day. It's very draining, so I know where you are coming from. It is also a very, very great district to work for and the school has been so good to me--but I too am looking for something closer to home. People have suggested that I move, but that is simply impossible. My home was inherited totally paid for, we live near family, and me moving closer to my job only puts my husband further from his.

    80 miles roundtrip, while still a lot, is much much much more manageable-- and yes, you will definitely see a dramatic difference in your commute time and your overall commuting experience.

    I'd say go for it.
  4. giraffe326

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    Jun 24, 2013

    Your commute will be cut in half! Of course that is a big difference!

    Good luck!
  5. dgpiaffeteach

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    Jun 24, 2013

    I travel 45 miles to work but it only takes about 50 minutes so I don't mind it at all. It would depend on drive time for me.
  6. Rhesus

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    Jun 2, 2013
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    Jun 25, 2013

    That is my situation almost exactly. I have been working at a school that is 75 miles/85 minutes away for the past few years. The job is good, but the commute has become unsustainable. Anything less than an hour away would be totally doable for me.

    I had two interviews and a demo at a school 40 miles/50 minutes away. That is an hour less driving per day, 150 fewer miles per week (and also about 30 or 40% more pay).

    If offered I will take it. They seemed enthused about me, but there has been a week of silence since my last visit there...
  7. TamiJ

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    Jun 25, 2013

    I take it you are looking at school B just to cut your commute time, right? Why is moving closer to your school not an option?
  8. leighbball

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    Jun 25, 2013

    I drive 80 miles roundtrip too! Of course, that includes a stop at the sitter ;) Otherwise it's closer to 70... However, a shorter commute can make a lot of difference. Good luck!!!
  9. Rainbowbird

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    May 6, 2011
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    Jun 25, 2013

    Congrats on getting this far! I think halving your commute is a huge difference. Just in gas money and wear and tear on your car alone, not to mention the time spent.

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