There are no shortages (teachers, nurses, IT, scientists) etc

Discussion in 'General Education' started by TechGuy, Nov 20, 2010.

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    It's crazy how these myths keep on popping up. I think the reason they do is because an overwhelming influx of any people into a field will automatically decrease the wage and worth of the field. It also gives excuses for companies in hiring foreign workers. There have been foreign workers already hired for nursing and teaching positions! A nurse I know told me that the hospital pays them less, and provides less benefits! That same hospital is encouraging more to be outsourced...i wonder why :-/ In fact, the whole myth of US being behind science and math is silly! There are TOO many scientists and mathematicians in the US! It's so bad..that many of them tend to go into different fields! And what are companies, colleges, etc are doing? Importing more foreign workers for the fields, to lower the bar for the wages even more. Some of these scientists only get $55k a year.

    A true shortage happens when there aren't enough workers and the wages go up tremendously. That hasn't happened to any of the fields that is claimed to have a shortage.

    The whole IT/Computer field as a whole had it's wages sunk because of the amount of people competing for positions and with the HUGE influx of foreign workers, it hasn't made things any easier.

    My dad was making $95k as computer programmer. Now that same exact position is worth $40k-55k a year. Why? Because companies can get people to work less, and are able to import foreign workers.

    And now entry level legal work is being outsourced (the charts in there for all professions are scary)
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    Nov 20, 2010

    Well, I definitely think those of us in education would agree with you that there's no shortage of teachers.

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