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    Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach a parent who's child is in need of some counseling/therapy?

    I'm going to set up a conference with the students parents to discuss the possiblity of ADD/ADHD, but over the past week I have had some conversations with the student that lead me to believe that counseling/therapy may be needed. The conversations I had with the student centered around hurting other students who were "mean" well has hurting me when I am "mean". I'm not talking kindergarten logic either...this student has thought these things through and has plans. Granted, at this age, the student would have difficulty following through, but what about the future!! I have never seen the student be violent toward others, but the student is very manipulative and preys on weaker students. If it isn't addressed now, I fear that his plans could become a reality!

    I have documentation of the high points of our conversations and when they took place. I have talked with the school counselor (who was able to get the same information from the student). The students parents are very nice and open to communication, but this is a whole new area for me...WHAT DO I SAY??!!
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    When we send our students to the school counselor, we do not need parental permission. The counselor contacts parents at the appropriate time. Get the counselor to talk to them if she feels the student needs professional help.
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    I agree that having the school counselor talk to them may be the best bet. Otherwise, be sure to have some resources or info available to give to them when you talk to them. I would stress that I am not an expert on any particular condition but through my interactions with the student I have some concerns and would like them to consider looking into having a professional evaluation. Share with them SPECIFICALLY what their child said and in what context.

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