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    Aug 31, 2006

    I want to do some projects with the local aquarium, including an overnight at the aquarium at the end of the year, and at least 3 visits for various programs they offer. I am interested in finding the following:

    -aquatic themed read aloud (chapter books)
    -themed books for guided reading (or short stories)
    -art projects
    -social studies connections (if possible? am I missing something?)

    I have plenty of science materials- and plan to study migration (salmon and whales) and also look at newly discovered deep sea fish and creatures.

    I teach a multi-age class, and would like the reading material to be around 2nd or 3rd grade.
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    Aug 31, 2006

    dear littleschool,
    Some themed books could be The Little Mermaid, The Whale's song by Dyan Sheldon and "Finding Nemo", the movie.
    Art projects and Social Studies Geography could be groups investigating ocean habitats: 1)coral reefs, 2)tidal pools, 3)deep sea vents with giant tube worms near the Baja Peninsula whale breeding grounds, 4)the Everglades, 5)the Amazon delta, 6)the Great White Sharks on the southern coast of South Africa, 7)the Antarctic waters of Penguins, fish, etc, the Galapagos Islands with sea turtles and seaweed eating Iguanas, and 9)the Polar ice shelves with Polar Bears, seals, walruses, and sea elephants. 10) the river deltas of India where manatees roam, white dolphins fish, and tiger sharks feed on humans dragging the rivers for fish, along with your Northwest Salmon runs and tracing the miration routes of the whales.
    Art projects would be a 24" tall boxed diorama of the habitats with hanging sea creatures to give the effect of swimming under water. Crystal blue Saran Wrap gives a blue glow to the objects below, or even as a window into the dark frozen waters, etc. Paper figures of sea creatures with two sides, stapled & stuffed for roundness are simple. Styrofoam and Ivory Snow powdered detergent form snow and icebergs. A long Florists box with the opening tipped to the side can lead you into the hidden world of flowing mud at the mouth of the Amazon and Gange Rivers wher white dophins swim and alligators wait on the mangrove shoreline. Tidal pools have a rainbow set of colored crabs to choose from and the mysteries of the bivalves. {Hermit crabs and snails make great in-school pets.} [A great short legend cartoon is "The White Seal" where he leads the seals to a safe haven within a deep crater suurounded by the mountains of an old volcano.] And who can resist the Great White Shark of Jaws fame meanacing the African coast?
    Many past National Geographics have photo journals of many of these habitats. Look them up online. Many libraries have them in their stacks.
    Tie in technology with a search for photos of the creatures and the creation of a simple Word document showing the animal picture & its basic information listed below.
    have fun, maxine

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