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Discussion in 'General Education' started by scooter503, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Sep 9, 2010

    I was not thrilled about being reassigned to middle school, but the beginning of the year has gone very well. The staff has been so supportive (a huge improvement from my former colleagues), the kids fairly well-behaved and very receptive to my lessons - they are actually asking to write!! I've been very happy about things...until today. I got an email from my principal that he had an anonymous parent phone call complaining about my "journal time". This mother thinks I'm reinforcing bad habits. I have my kids do "quick writes" and encourage them to experiment during this writing. I also stress getting ideas down on paper, not worrying about conventions...this is my attempt at taking away the pressure of writing and making it less stressful for them. It seems to be working; the kids have been very positive about being required to write every day. Guess I can't please everyone.
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    I use writing journals and use quick writes quite a bit. I explain to the students (and the parents on Curriculum Night) that this writing is a way of getting our ideas down and is not expected to be perfect. As we learn various grammar concepts, and have lessons on style and conventions, the journal and the quick writes give us authentic material to practice on--my students go back and revise and/or edit their journal entries using the new ideas.

    I don't think that you'll ever make everyone happy with every decision you make. What's important is to know, and be able to articulate, why (in this case) you are using journals and quick writes and the benefits to your students.
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    I'm disappointed to hear that your principal didn't act like the leader he's supposed to be. A good principal would never have even let you know that a frivolous complaint like that was received.

    What you're doing is sound, educational practice and he is SUPPOSED to recognize that and shield his staff from the periphery.

    Weak leadership is a cancer in education right now.

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