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Discussion in 'General Education' started by REW, Sep 7, 2022.

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    Sep 7, 2022

    How do you handle the Golden child’s parent when the child is misbehaving and blaming it on other children and perceiving you as being unfair. I had this student last year and isn’t a new issue.

    Things like:
    Staying in assigned spaces
    Using materials appropriately
    Completing work in a timely manner.

    Student got up and tapped another student’s pencil, started a pencil war. Both got corrected, but only he argued back it was the other child’s fault. I corrected him for talking back and let him know that I am always watching. Today he was mad he couldn’t play kitties with a classmate on the carpet during story time. So he punched the kid. The kid called him a name. Both got corrected, but he didn’t tell mom. He only told mom he got in trouble. Basically, it is always someone else’s fault for misbehavior. Mom can’t accept that her son did something wrong or that it was his idea to do something wrong. He will say whatever she wants him to say and then email me to tell me it needs to be fixed immediately and thank you. He’s a high student and will receive poor behavior marks due to this at report time.
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    In life usually most believe the first message over the second message they receive. If the child is the first one to tell mom he did nothing wrong, and the other child was the one to blame, she has no other information to not believe it. Therefore, I would report things to mom very quickly (before he is picked up from school if possible). If he hit someone, I would tell mom the first chance I can via email. Just state the facts, no opinions at all. I am not saying this will be enough with this tough parent, but it will be a great help.
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    Yes, email mom or leave a message before the student gets home. That way she hears your version first and not the lie.
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    Call mom and have him tell her in front of you. Prompt him to tell all if he leaves out info.

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