The 4th and 6th period struggle

Discussion in 'Behavior Management' started by Annie Cox, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Dec 5, 2018

    Hey all!
    I'm a middle school art teacher and I looove my new campus and my kiddos. One thing I've noticed seems to be a pretty universal issue is increased behavior issues during 4th and 6th period. Students who are complete angels in my class in the morning are terrors in the afternoon for my colleagues and vise versa. The reasons seem pretty clear. 4th period is right after lunch and everyone's starting to get restless/tired/distracted during 6th. For classroom culture, I use both rewards like our school store currency (tiger tickets) and consequences like losing certain privileges (can't listen to music, can't use paint for the day, etc.). And, of course, I have established rules/procedures (reestablish 'em too!) and address individual student issues as needed. But it's pretty obvious that these are the periods I need to work on and that my usual tactics aren't as effective as they are in my other periods. It doesn't help that my 6th period especially is very high needs. If only there were 33 of me to give one-on-one instruction! Even though I'm an elective, I'm going to see if I can tutor some of the kids who get behind during these times, both to get their grade up and to focus on relationship building. But I'd love some ideas for addressing these things during class time as well...

    So: do you find this to be relateable too? What do you recommend in the face of class-wide issues (not just one or two kids acting up)? Especially when they have predictable, school-wide patterns like this.
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    Yes...I definitely find this relatable. I had my first period class in the afternoon today because of the half day and they were not very well behaved. They are decently behaved in the morning though.
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    During certain times of the days, student behavior changes based on environment (tired, after lunch, anxious, before dismissal, before and after a holiday).
    While I have never taught an art class, I can suggest a couple of things that seem to work with my class.
    -use an Attend-Break System (pay attention and do work for 5-10 minutes, then take a 2-3 minute break)
    -allow students to talk (I found that even separating too talkative students does not usually work. Students who want to talk to each other will almost always find a way to talk.)
    -Checkpoint system. When you get to a certain assignment point, check off your name. A certain number of checkpoints completed=reward or a 100% quiz grade
    -give a specific goal for the class. circulate the classroom. Check in with every student at least once. You may want to give a participation grade for progressing on assignments. Maybe 2 points per day. (maybe a daily grade or add up participation points for a 5-week/10-week participation grade)
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    I have the exact issue as well.

    For the group right after lunch, it's worth taking five to ten minutes for a relaxing activity before you get started. Yes, it takes up class time, but they need it. Since you teach art, I'd recommend giving them something such as a mandala to color with colored pencils while you read a book or turn on an audiobook.

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