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    Nov 18, 2002

    Hello, I work with Severely Multiply Impaired Junior High students. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good Thanksgiving art projects. It seems like I have used the same ones over and over and I am ready for something new. Or, do you know of any good art activity websites? Thank you.
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    Nov 18, 2002

    I've made 'Indian Corn' pins with different age groups. Get some pipe cleaners, tri-beads, raffia, and pin backs. Cut the pipe cleaners in half. Each project takes 3 pipe cleaners. Take one pipe cleaner, bend the end a bit so the beads won't fall off, and string tri beads on to about 1 inch from end. (Use harvest color tri beads- amber, yellow, red, brown) make 3 of these. Twist the ends together that were not covered with beads (Twist all 3 pipe cleaners together after beads are on.) Twist some raffia onto this end of the pipe cleaners (this is the 'husk' of the corn) and then fold remaining length of pipe cleaners to back. Hot glue pin backs on to the folded over part of the pipe cleaners. Really cute!!
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    This is what we are doing this year (1st/2nd) graders.
    I have seen it done in preschools!
    Plain or rainbow popscicle sticks/craft sticks.(try and find the ones that are already cut with a hole in two places on them)
    fishing line stiff but thin
    small wood beads
    medium/large wood beads

    Lay pop sticks on side/,NOT [] flat! string thru one stick, one small bead.Continue this until you can connect around.should be pretty close together.string the second hole and medium/large bead all the way around. It looks like a wreath but its a trivet that can be part of anyone's holiday table! SOOOO easy. What if you cant find the sticks with holes in already? ( small push pin the holes with the students!)

    - -
    the pop sticks should be really close together in the center and fan out farther towards the back end. that is why you need a small bead in the center and a larger bead on the outside strand.

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