Texas students give jaw dropping answers to political questions

Discussion in 'General Education' started by hbcaligirl1985, Nov 12, 2014.

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    Nov 13, 2014

    I can't speak for the flat out WRONG answers, but I know people who attend Tech who are friends with an individual in this video. He said that they edited the video to make him appear more "confused". When he hesitates before he answers the question "Who won the civil war", he stated that he then went on say he was deciding between saying the North or the Union and even told the host lady that.

    And when asked about the Vice President, he thought she was referring to the Tech Student Body President.

    He actually had no idea what the answers to the pop-culture questions, which is why he isn't in that part. He said the host-lady kept trying to get him to answer it and give him hints- more than the other questions.

    Regardless, I believe this video is extremely edited in a BAD way. Yes - there are stupid answers, but it's obviously easy to make the situation look worse than what it is.

    Also, the independence question is rather open-ended as well - is she referring to Texas independence or America's independence.
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    They do learn US History in 5th and 8th grade in TX. Many TX schools are changing when US History is taught in HS. I know in my district it went from 11th grade to 9th grade.

    I agree!

    This doesn't surprise me in any way.

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