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    Sep 12, 2023

    I recently moved to TX and am thinking about becoming an ESL teacher. If you are a current TX ESL teacher, could you share your thoughts on your job?

    What test do you need to take if you want to teach in elementary and are already certified k-5/6 elementary education? Is it English as a Second Language Supplemental (154) or
    TExES English as a Second Language (ESL)/Generalist EC-6 (193)?

    Also, it seems like there are usually only 1 or 2 ESL teachers at the elementary schools, is it hard to get hired and what is the work load like compared to a classroom teacher?

    Any of your thoughts are appreciated!
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    Oct 1, 2023

    Contact these people for all information about the correct test to take. On the phone, they will ask pertinent questions to get you to the correct exam. Not sure what Texas requires for certification, but in NJ, you need to have your requisite number of hours of instruction at the college level to obtain your certification. Both my son and I acquired our MEd. in TESOL. My son now teaches in VA, in HS, and his course work during the year at that level is usually as a co-teacher in varied subjects. In elementary, there seems to be more pull out, because those students need a somewhat more sheltered environment to feel like they can make mistakes. Older students tend to try to pretend that they are OK when they are often times not that proficient. I don't think most elementary schools need vast numbers of ESL teachers in any state. My son is often asked to do "extra" activities with the ESL students, because of his interactions with them on a daily basis. From that stand point, the work load is heavier because although paid for some of the extra time, it is virtually mandatory that he be part of whatever, with little chance to actually say no.

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