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Discussion in 'Early Childhood Education Archives' started by Margo, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Aug 18, 2002

    When I taught Head Start, we had a Teddy Bear backpack that went home with each child on Monday and was returned on Friday. There was a letter included stating the purpose and ideas to do with the Teddy Bear backpack. I have since lost that letter and was wondering if anyone has ever done such a project with their class and has a sample letter that I could see. I am interested in doing such a thing with my Kindergartners but can't remember all the details that went along with it. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks ;)
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    Sep 7, 2002

    I teach state preschool. I haven't heard of the Teddy Bear Backpack, but I'll ask around. In the mean time, I've used a plain bag I bought at a thrift store and had a different child take it home each day. The bag is called the "Mystery Bag." I tape the directions on the front of the bag. The parent and child (together) are to pick something to put in the bag, write three clues, and the bag is shared at circle time. The hard part is having the child not tell what is in the bag BEFORE circle. The children at circle guess what is in the bag as the clues are read. This brings parent participation and literacy into one fun activity. My children are always asking if they can take the bag home just a couple of days after they've had it. The parents don't seem to mind too much writing the clues. I have only lost the bag once in the two years I've done it.
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    Sep 8, 2002

    I introduce Mr. Bear during the late fall to my class. He travels home with a child everynight. In his bag he has a journal, crayons, a pencil and toothbrush. Parents help the children write about what they do together that evening. Mr. Bear comes back to school the next day and the child that took him home last shares with the class what they did together. The children really enjoy this and look forward to taking Mr. Bear home. In Mr. Bear's journal is a letter explaining what to do. This is a great way to help build self esteem and encourage responsibility in young children. Hope this helps! Michelle
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    Sep 10, 2002

    I've done both the teddy bear pack, and the clues pack - we call it the Sharing Suitcase. For the Sharing Suitcase, the child brings in something from home, the parents write 3 clues that the child comes up with, and then the class must guess. For the teddy bear bag, there is a journal, the teddy bear, a book, and a disposable camera. In the journal, the parents can write what the teddy bear and the child did together, or the child can draw a picture. They can read the book together, and have a pic taken. I love this, it's so much fun!

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