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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Teachings4Me, Oct 22, 2012.

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    I wasn't sure where the most appropriate place for this post was-- my apologies!

    So I'm a first year tech teacher (3rd year teacher) in a unique predicament: Our schools does MAP testing in the computer lab 3 times a year. This displaces my 10 sections of classes grades 5-9 for two weeks at a time. I also administer these tests, which means my students have a sub during this time. Last week was the first week of testing and I pulled Digital Citizenship lessons for them from Common Sense Media (Scripted lesson, student handout, perfect!). Well, I thought this was a great plan until I realized 1) The lesson plans weren't being followed, 2) Not being able to engage in conversation with students to assess understanding, I've been left with sorting through large stacks of completed handouts on my own time (as my entire schedule is eaten up by testing) trying to determine what my kids have learned, and 3) I'm out of lessons from Common Sense Media that don't use a video or Internet search as part of the lesson-- and the sub doesn't have access to any tech tools of any kind.

    I hate giving them busy work just for the sake of keeping them occupied. Besides, I'm having a hard time finding anything meaningful (that they'll even take seriously with a sub present). Although we've almost made it through this testing window, this will happen 2 more times this school year and I'm already out of ideas. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. My students tomorrow (grades 7-9_ are filling out a technology survey for me and then more than likely getting a free study period. I hope the P doesn't mind and that the students can handle it!


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