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Discussion in 'Library/Media Teachers' started by JXG, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Hey. So I was offered the technology teacher position at a charter school about a half hour away from me. Seeing as this was the only job offer, I took it. Now, a little background on myself: I have taught science for a year and I'm certified in K-6 and 5-8 Science. I'm also going for my masters in Ed Technology. Technically, I'm not certified to teach it now. The P insisted that I take the Praxis for it. I don't want to take another exam but another certification will only benefit me. Can you guys tell me your experiences with the Tech Ed Praxis test. Is it hard? What shall I do to prepare for it?
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    Aug 24, 2016

    Technology education and educational technology aren't the same thing. Tech ed has to do with electronics and forces and materials (properties of building materials, plastics, and the like) and so on. What you know about lab safety should be helpful; you'll probably also want to know the local, state and national organizations of teachers of tech ed: fortunately, they're pretty easy to find on the internet.
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    Teachergroupie is right. Technology education on educational technology are not the same. My husband is a computer teacher with his masters in Ed.Tech. Even though he took the Praxis he was not able to get certified with the degree. You need technical credits to get the cert, not education classes. Right now he's working in a private school so the cert doesn't matter but he won't be able to move to public school unless it's an art or supervisor position which he has the certs. Sorry it's not what you want to hear but it's better to know than find out the hard way like we did.
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    I am looking for any one who has passed the technology Ed. Praxis this year, I am in need of passing in order to move into position to teach Tech. Ed. which I love, I have taken test several time but missing it by small marks now that I am at this point in my life of needed a better rate of pay in order to one day be ready to retire. I need to take a pass Tech Ed in Dec. 2017. Please send me any study material that will be helpful and any information on how to pass test. Thanks

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