Teaching Vocabulary in 2nd Grade

Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by bam451, Oct 19, 2005.

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    Oct 19, 2005

    Hi all!! This year our district has adopted a new report card. A new grade is on vocabulary. In years past I would do vocabulary, but would not grade it per say. All of the activities I have found so far on vocabulary are great, however it is not something a 2nd grader could do independently for a grade. Any ideas??

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    In our Houghton Mifflin Reading book there are about 6 vocabulary words that go along with each story. The kids will fill out crossword puzzles, look up the definition in the glossary, use the words in a sentence, etc. We will also play games with the words. One we call the Penny Game. The words and their definitions are in a pocket chart. The penny is hidden behind one word. A student will pick a word, match it to the definition and use the word in a sentence. If they do all of this correctly, we look behind the word, if the penny is hiding there, that student gets to some up and hide the penny and run the game. We also have the words on popsicle sticks. The kids sit in a circle and pass a can w/ the sticks. They choose a stick, spell the word and use it in a sentence. By the end of the week they are ready for a vocab test, where they match the word to the definition.

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