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Discussion in 'Special Education Archives' started by krisaustin, Nov 3, 2006.

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    Nov 3, 2006

    I am a first grade teacher for students with multiple handicaps, but one of my students is in second grade. In second grade they recieve letter grades on their report cards.

    This student is just learning his letter names and sounds, as you can see this student is significantly below grade level. He has just begun to write in his journal using phonic spelling. He has also begun to have an interest in reading books.

    I was wondering how other teachers teach language arts to their students and what they focus on.

    Here is this student's schedule when his is with me:
    Journaling (15 minutes)
    Reading (30 minutes)
    Goes to general education classroom for specials/snack/class read aloud
    Spelling (15 minutes)
    Literacy Activities- I read a story and we do various activities/comprehension questions (30 minutes)
    Earned free time
    Goes to lunch/recess and with class for activities
    Math (1 hour)

    I have work books for him, but I have been really focusing on Reading with him and he has made tremendous progress.

    I was just wondering how other teachers teach language arts and what kind of activities that I could do with him. Right now his only grade for LA is coming from his spelling tests (which should be a whole different grade).

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    Nov 6, 2006

    I am still taking education courses to become a teacher, however I am in the middle of my LA course. Since he spends a lot of time reading with you and he is showing interest in books, you may want to try using a picture book as a spring board for ideas. You could teach memoir writing, journal writing, giving him some prompts but letting him write about his interests.

    Some prompts:

    What are you an expert at?
    Who is your favorite person?
    Where is your favorite place?
    What do you love?
    What do you hate?

    You may even want to encourage him to create lists with certain prompts so that he can go back to those lists and use his ideas for a writing he will create at a different time.

    Another thing I hae discovered is that my second grade writing workshop group really enjoy drawing a picture, say a "MONSTER" and then writing about their monster. Its seems its easier for them to write about something that is concrete.

    Okay I hope these ideas help, also check out Ralph Fletcher's books Craft Writing k-8 and other books that encourage writing, they are very useful!
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    Nov 6, 2006

    Try using some level appropriate games. Get his interest. Get him open to thinking.

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