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    I am a 2nd year teacher and am thinking of moving from my current state. I teach in Utah and really like the school I am at. However, my husband and I have been thinking of moving to a different state that pays a little better and puts more money into education. We've looked at Alaska, Montana, and Washington.

    I have looked at a lot of websites that try to rate cities and states based on the salary and cost of living and other factors and none of them seem to agree on much. I was hoping I could get some advice or direction from all you teacher out there. In your experience, what states are the best for teachers?

    My husband would like to start his own business, so my wage would need to support the family in the interim. That's why I am concerned about a decent wage. His business would be in large part online, so where we live shouldn't impact his business much.

    Thanks so much,
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    I looked at teaching in Alaska (until we bought our house here) and was interested in what I saw. One thing you might want to consider is, if you decide to look at positions way into the interior, if the area has enough connectivity for your husband's online career. Conversely, you might also want to look at online teaching jobs in the state as well.
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    My friend, who just graduated and got her SPED credential, was hired in Alaska. She just left a week ago. She is in a roadless area, so the only way in or out is by air.

    She is thrilled with the situation. But she has to have every supply flown in, which adds a huge cost to everything she buys. A gallon of mild is something like $20. On the plus side she started as a first year teacher at $51,000 and the district provides the rental she moved into...but it costs her $900 a month.

    I think it would be an interesting experience.
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    I know a few local teachers who taught on islands in Alaska. One did it mainly to pay off her loans faster but loves it and is still there. Both said they were treated very well and that the school is the center of the community. Cost of food is super high and you have to consider having to fly to get anywhere. One school does not close for weather no matter how bad, students may get to stay home but teachers must go even if it's a horrible blizzard. If they stay home, they use a personal day. Overall I'd say they both enjoyed the experience and got close to the families.

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