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    I have taught younger students; however for the past year I mostly enjoyed teaching adults Business Computer Apps (all Microsoft Suite 2016 products) except for the following. For backup - this was a community service organization where I instructed and obviously not like typical public school or even college system - I encountered the following from direct manager:
    - 1st month - openly eye rolling and correcting at beginning (first month) if I made error. (in front of students)
    - to be followed with open correction in front on students as well
    - instructed during staff meetings not to tolerate more than 2 absences; or no certificate (we partnered w/ Jr. College)
    - to write case notes regarding cell phone use; gum chewing; any other behaviors that are signed off on in their student handbooks and/or to let her know directly about said behaviors.

    When such behavior were addressed; these things were not enforced.

    **8 months later a new program was added which doubled my schedule (little to no time for planning) and implementing other instructor in neighboring cities instruction.(some with error and typos I was not "allowed" to fix.

    The good part - seeing student's confidence bloom as their skills improved and developing fulfilling relationships with these students and many expressions of gratitude and compliments toward my teaching and patience. It really felt like being a motivational coach and I loved it.

    **Back to 8 months later...a former (not so nice student) who is friends with the CEO added a contract with former female offenders. When I interviewed for the position and throughout the year; we could accept those with criminal backgrounds - only not those with violent offenses (assaultive behavior, etc.)

    Flash forward to the 8th, 9th month of my instruction (duties doubled/pay same - lol) during meeting was told this was not "fair" to put so much on me; no disrespect or bad attitude at all to be tolerated from offenders in the program at all) We worked out the kinks and I figured out how to make something fun for these ladies who for the most part did not want to be there (required to do so by halfway house program) and who were told they would only have to attend for about 1 hour on Thursdays. Then that changed too. However, a participant who was not supposed to have been approved due to assaultive background was let through. This person was extremely disrespectful and rude to me during class and the houseparent did nothing to intervene. I'm an educator, I handled it by taking her into next room but firmly stating that we could not have this in class. The woman got very loud and aggressive toward me. As I was trying to ge there to calm down; the secretary called my manager over and escorted woman from to her office. Instruction ensued and we carried on and I welcomed her back into the classroom. The woman apologized to me and we forged ahead.

    The next day I went back to work and was told that this woman and houseparent (whom I believed was angry for I mentioned she did not address these participants behaviors nor check on their whereabouts during the previous class) thought I was instructing too fast; and several other complaints. T(by the manager) ...that this was an important contract ($$) and that the way these ladies were to be treated was different. Okay. In our next meeting the secretary mentioned my correcting the student as "an altercation". I stated that I did not feel that was the right word, that I was firm with her. Another coworker stated that he thought these ladies that did not want to be there were taking up other adults places who wanted to improve their computer skills.

    To try to make a long story short - I gathered that this pilot program is a big money program and that the leaders of this program are close friends with the CEO. The following week; we had orientation with our next rotating class of returning and beginning students and my manager stated that I was an "excellent instructor" (wish I would have recorded that - lol) Anyway, the doubled workload was killing me and what used to be a 2 week break between classes turned into NO break. As I am the only teacher, I could not take off to look after dental problems I was having and was required to produced a Dr's note. (no problem) I never tried to take off during an instructional period. Whilst my co-workers were preparing for a 2 week cruise and a 4 day vacation. Sooooo.....after a year's time; I find a note pad in my office (manager's note pad) that stated dissatisfaction about my filing system; grading; etc. Weekly meetings that followed included cryptic messages from my manager in from of 2 other team members "if XYZ halfway house decided to continue with us" which had to be a direct jab at me. Last week I was told I had better be perfect in instructing the next section which I had not taught before; that these ladies would not have it an other way. Am I perfect, nnnnnoooo; am I good teacher, YES! Finally, yes, really finally....I walked over to personnel; handed them a 2 weeks notice - as these are the main reasons why.

    No matter what level I teach; I believe an instructor has to have some modicum of respect and it didn't take long for participants to figure out I had no say so in how things were done. Even though I prepared for and knew the material; I felt very micromanaged and like I did not know when the other shoe was going to be dropped by management. (A few days prior at a last minute Power point class my manager walked in and announced, "I MIGHT SIT IN ON THIS CLASS...SO WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING IN HERE?" It was awkward for all. So, your thoughts....have other prospects not he way; but I left the position. (I'll be delivering Door Dash in the meantime). Though I tried to stick it until another job offer; I could not tolerate much more. What to say regarding leaving after just 1 year in job interview? Thanks.
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    I would probably erase this post (click edit and then erase what you wrote. Replace it with a ".") because you used your real name as your username and your next employer will find this post.
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    Rehearse your thoughts until it becomes more clear and then tell the truth. If you get denied for your honesty, you are not likely to be happy there either.
  5. Feb 11, 2020

    This chick rocked it during unemployment...Got her wimpy manager's decision overturned and the money started coming in.Owns her own business now teaching computers and tutoring other subjects.

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