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    I taught first graders for 12 years; last spring I was informed that I was being moved to second grade and could take my first graders with me to make for a smoother transition.

    I feel like I'm starting over, and it's frustrating me. I took several classes and had training to work with emergent readers and writers. I read research, learned about best practice, became adept at scaffolding learning, and was confident that I while I'm far from perfect, I was a good teacher.

    I didn't use the same materials year after year. I innovated, created, continued to learn and grow as an educator, and was excited about and proud of my job as an educator.

    This year, with second grade, I still don't feel like we're in a routine. Another second grade teacher and I divided our kids according to ability level, and I work with the "lower level" children. I've been able to use the basal for whole group reading and teach guided reading groups, but I feel like I'm missing out on a vital part of "my kids'" educations by not being their primary reading teacher.

    My schedule is disjointed. I miss the continuity and natural flow I had with my first grade schedule. I'm tied to finishing the reading themes at the same time as the other second grade teacher.

    I don't know the curriculum well yet, so it's difficult to the curricular areas together. I feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants rather than being organized and have a plan while being flexible enough to change a lesson when warranted.

    I want to teach first graders again. I want to use the experience and training I have teaching emergent readers and writers. I want to differentiate math so students are learning the same concepts through their unique paths.

    I don't want to spend hours and hours at school, bring manuals home every weekend, and feel like I'm starting over. I don't mind working hard and putting in extra time, but I'd prefer using that time to hone skills I have rather than learning a whole set of new ones.

    Thanks for the chance to vent; hopefully I just need some more time and experience under my belt. I miss knowing that I'm doing great things for kids.
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    I am sure you are doing ok. This move is hard because it wasn't your idea. I know how you feel. I am in a new system. I had to level for reading (even though I begged not to). My students come into the room at 8:15, I have to send them to reading at 8:30-9:30. At 10:00 I have planning. I feel that my morning is wasted. I hate it. I don't teach the same style as my peers. They are very set in their ways. I cried every night for the first three weeks. It is getting better. Talk to you administrator. Mine has been wonderful. She promises things will be different next year.
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    Relax and it will go smoother. You are not wasting time as long as you are prepared. No day goes prefectly even when you were in 1st grade. Change is good. Too many people get stuck in a routine and do not realize they are stuck. This gives you a chance to see what a great job you did as a 1st grader and where they took your learning from your 1st grade. You may find you really enjoy it. Give it a chance. Nothing in this world stays the same. Go with the flow and enjoy having your students again.

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