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    The 'i-Class' research project being carried out by the Institute of Education is looking for primary and secondary school teachers who can take a few minutes to complete an online questionnaire about their use of the Internet.

    The researchers are trying to build an education internet search engine and are interested in how teachers are currently using the internet to search for information.

    If you are a school teacher and have five minutes to spare then your help would be really appreciated. The questionnaire is completed anonymous.

    The questionnaire is available online, please email Faezeh Seyedarabi at the Institute of Education, University of London for the link, as placing link on this post is not permitted.

    Research Officer
    Institute of Education (iClass Project)
    London Knowledge Lab
    23-29 Emerald Street
    London WC1N 3QL
    Tel: +44 20 7763 2167

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