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    Right next to the high school is a new hospital with beautiful housing - opens in October.
    If your spouse is a doctor you could live in the hospital housing and you could teach math at the High School.
    Other Vacancies: Math, English, Science, Agricuture, Sp.Ed., Elementary, Graphic Arts.
    The location is Red Mesa, AZ; Also you could car pool from Farmington NM, 75 miles, or live in the school housing. Starting pay 31,200. One year of experience is given for every 2 years of teaching experience.
    Call 928/656-4127, 928/656-4177. Also could you please contact me by email if you plan to apply (I am "just" a teacher).
    Nearby attractions:
    Monument Valley, Four Corners
    Farmington: Red Lobster, Outback, Chili's, Applebees, Golden Corral, Halliburton
    National Monuments - Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chilly, Aztec Ruins
    Durango-Silverton Train
    Grand Canyon

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