Teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area-how do you make it?

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    Did you know that there's a growing world-wide trend toward non-government schools? In Hong Kong (long known internationally for its high academic standing), government-run schools account for less than 10% of all schools. I've read that in some of the most remote African villages, parents prefer sending their children to private schools even though they aren't free - for many of the same reasons cited by parents everywhere. Here's an interesting article.
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    My private school does everything by the book and fully complies with government accreditation teams and provides a wide range of services for students of all backgrounds, so it’s very accommodating. But, we also have a three-strike system and have no qualms expelling a student if they present a danger to other students or commit an act or acts that are especially egregious. That is one of the many ways where we beat our public school counterparts. We don’t dance around disciplining students like some schools do. For example, students that frequently misbehave are given multiple detentions and when it comes time for them to serve said detentions they are politely escorted by security staff to the main office where they are put on restrictions, isolated from the general student population, and given a myriad of tedious tasks to complete (cleaning every classroom on the second floor, scrapping off gum underneath the desk, helping custodial staff rearrange desks, etc).

    Once they serve their time, then and only then are they allowed to return to a normal school day. Otherwise, their day repeats. I like this because students who have experienced this don’t ever misbehave again because they don’t want to go back. They learn what happens when they break the rules and we don’t give pitiful or meaningless punishments. We “hit ‘em” where it hurts, in a manner of speaking. To clarify, say a student is suspended for cutting class. They then receive zeros in all of their classes for the days missed and are barred from attending any rallies, sports games, or field trips for the remainder of the year. Having to sit out of fun school activities is a great deterrent for many a student. We don’t mess around and troublemakers actually learn that their actions have dire consequences if they step out of line.
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