Teacher receives low ratings in LA Times; commits suicide

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    Missing South Gate teacher found dead

    SOUTH GATE, Calif. (KABC) -- An elementary school teacher from South Gate who mysteriously disappeared last week was found dead about 9 a.m. Sunday in the Angeles National Forest, authorities have confirmed.

    The Coroner confirmed the body found by a search and rescue team near Big Tujunga Canyon Road is that of Rigoberto Ruelas, 39, a fifth grade teacher at Miramonte Elementary School.

    Authorities said it is a suicide, but did not say how he killed himself. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

    A car matching the one driven by Ruelas was found parked near a bridge. His body was found below.

    Ruelas' family became concerned when he failed to show up to work last week. He taught for 14 years and had nearly perfect attendance.

    Friends and family said he was feeling stressed about work and a recent teacher evaluation report printed in the Los Angeles Times.

    "He kept saying that there's stress at work," said Ruelas' brother, Alejandro.

    According to his brother, Ruelas saw their sister Sunday and spoke with their father Monday night.

    Alejandro Ruelas said his brother was a teacher who went above and beyond.

    "UTLA is outraged at the Los Angeles Times," said A.J. Duffy, president of United Teachers Los Angeles in a statement. "We predicted there would be problems."


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    That is so sad. It's terrible how teachers are being blamed more often than not when schools are failing. Yes, there are teachers who should not be teaching but making that public isn't going to fix the situation.

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