Teacher Preparation Program - Without the CBEST and CSET

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    Hey all,

    I am working towards my CBEST (Basic Skills Requirement) and CSET (Subject Matter Competency), and I am interested in pursuing the teacher preparation program. I called couple of universities and colleges if they have programs that enroll candidates, without having them pass the test and only need it at the very end of the program. Unfortunately, they all want the test to be done before candidate enroll in their program. So I was wondering if anyone in this forum knows/done the program without the cbest or cset? And recommendation of the universities??
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    Jun 7, 2024

    If I were you, I'd go ahead and do the CBEST and get it out of the way. Schools want to know that program candidates have basic competencies before pouring resources into them. That said, depending on your state, there might be a loophole. Right *after* I coughed up $80 and a weekend to take the Basic Skills Test, IL put in an exemption policy for people who had a 24 (if I remember correctly) or above on the ACT. I scored in the top half a percent the year I did ACT, so I was cheesed off. My less testworthy cohorts were advised to re-take the ACT instead of trying again to pass Basic Skills. That was over a decade ago though, so I don't know what may have changed since then.

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