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    Teachers are the pillars of this nation, and their contribution – if

    recognized and supported – can bring about a significant

    improvement in the quality and reach of education.

    Every year, ZIIEI finds the most effective zero-investment solutions

    by teachers and scales them up to millions of schools.

    Zero Investment Innovation for Education Initiative (ZIIEI) of Sri Aurobindo Society has tried to answer the question,

    what is an innovative teaching?

    by enabling teachers to generate zero

    investment- innovative ideas in the field of education and

    establishing them as best practices to replicated in millions of

    schools across the country.

    If you have a zero investment innovative teaching idea, please

    register yourself and submit your innovative ideas

    31st October is the last date of registration
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    So this ZIIEI is in India (according to the webpage.) I've never heard of it before.

    How many USA or Canadian members are there in ZIIEI? I'm just curious.

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