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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by shoreline02, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Aug 12, 2018

    Hello! I'm currently paying my loans under the Public Works Loan Forgiveness and I'm on an income driven repayment plan. I know that if I get married, in order to keep my payments low, we'd have to file our taxes separately or else my income driven plan would go way up.

    Question - if we have a child, who should claim the child? I'm not sure how that works??

    Any thoughts, suggestions, or banter welcome! : )
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    Aug 12, 2018

    I know some divorced couples who alternate claiming the child. Not sure if your situation would be similar, or if it would be better for you to claim it. Ask a tax professional.
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    Aug 15, 2018

    Don't know about your question, but thanks for saying the name of how you're paying your loan. That won't work for me at this time. I have a student loan I still have to pay, but it's still with Navient. Between my high rent that keeps increasing annually, other regular bills, and saving up for some big things, I don't know how this loan will be paid down. What are other payoff programs out there? Also feel free to PM me if you have any more loan payoff info.
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