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    I teach first and second grade students. My students disabilities include autism, SLD, and CD. All of my students are learning letters and learning to read.

    This year my students have begun to tattle on each other. I grouped my students into 1 or 2 classrooms, per grade level, for scheduling purposes, but now that they are together all day. They have begun tattling on each other.

    I need away to deter them from tattling on each other. We talk about complementing our friends, and that will last for a moment. But soon they begin tattling.

    A fellow teacher recommended a tattle box. She had her students write down the tattles and put them in a box. Then she would read the tattles when she had time. Awesome idea! My only problem is my students are learning those basic literacy skills and do not have the ability to write.

    Any suggestions would be great.
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    Sep 7, 2008

    At the daycare I worked at we had the "tattle ear" One of the teachers drew a great big ear. We talked about the difference in tattling and important things. Such as: you need to tell a teacher if you/your friend/a person is hurt. Then they told the tattle ear the things like "Johnny took 2 apples instead of 3" or "Beth took the green one and I wanted it." Seemed to work in her classroom of 4 and 5 year olds.

    You could always find a social story on tattling. There may be one somewhere online. Or read Peter and the Wolf. Discuss how it's like tattling. Have each student come up with a thing they SHOULD tell the teacher and one thing they should wait on.

    I work with older kids and they don't tattle all that much, so I'm just giving you top of the head ideas. Hope they help!

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