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    Hello everyone,

    I currently teach 1st grade in a charter school. It is my first year and have really enjoyed it! I do have have issues with my current school such as lack of resources including a mentor teacher, curriculum specialist to review lesson plans, and to observe my instruction. The curriculum specialist they had in the beginning of the year observed me was helpful but resigned due to low pay. I make wayyy under the district salary which is another reason why I am interested in switching to a traditional public school within the district. There is no library available for my students, during lunch I have to eat with my students because there are no lunch aides to supervise, and in the afternoon I have to stay in the car circle daily until 3pm (school ends @ 2:15)! Are my complaints fair or am I just being silly? I LOVE what I do and plan to stay in elementary education for years to come, I just want to be happy with what goes on outside my classroom as well. I would love to make the switch from a charter to a traditional public school within the district of Hillsborough county, any suggestions? :love:

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